Valentine Song Grams

Our Valentine's Fundraiser is back! Valentine Song Grams are a unique way to let someone know you care about them. Thank you for supporting the chorus!

How it works: You pick your favorite people, a date & time they can be reached (or when they can't be reached if you'd like us to leave a voicemail), and a song that you would like us to sing (listed on page 2 of the flyer). Then the chorus members get together and sing the song live over the phone! All proceeds go towards paying musicians at our concert.


What to do: Download the form attached below. Print out one form for each call you would like us to make. Fill in your name, the recipient's name & phone number and your song choice. Be sure to indicate day & time if you have a preference. The cost is $10 per song. Checks can be made out the "Highland Park Community Chorus". Send everything in to the address listed at the bottom of the form.

 Or for a faster turn around, and any questions, email us at:

Happy Valentines Day!!